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Wiseogma is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institute that was established with the goal of fostering the awareness of foreign languages and the culture that is followed in the respective countries. We believe that this awareness will help students to gain competence over communication in foreign languages. We follow a set of principles in order to reach our goal. The most important principle we follow is providing a mechanism which is student based and we achieve that by imparting effective training.

We have come a long way and at this moment we are proud to mention that the language training and crash courses that we offer in different languages are high in demand. Our main objective is to create a pool of resources that are rich in foreign language so that we contribute and become a part of the skill India initiative.

We at Wiseogma follow the belief that a trainer should always first focus on the needs of the student. Motivating them and understanding their approach and attitude, bringing a change in it, helps us to channelize the energy of the students in appositive direction. The training sessions included in each language course are designed with collaborative and interactive activities which allow the student to not just receive knowledge from the trainer but also construct whatever they have learnt. Our approach is student centered wherein we motivate students to interact with their fellow batchmates providing them with an environment which is content and task made. The focus is more on facilitation rather than mere transmission of knowledge.


• The language courses that are offered at our institute are designed with the aim of helping students achieve their career objectives.

• The courses are distributed over a span of three-four months so that students give enough time to understand and become friendly with the language.

• The training sessions are collaborative and interactive.

• We have a team of trainers that are highly experienced and qualified. They share their experiences which give student a deep insight.

• We have experts who are available all times to counsel students if they are facing any difficulty or get stuck anywhere while pursuing any language.


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