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French Language

French Language

French Language is considered as one of the prominent languages. It is said that French was descended from the Latin. French language is the most widely spoken language all over the world. More than 41 countries speak French and there are more than 150 million French speakers all around the globe. After English, French is the second most extensively spoken language. It is believed that French is the ninth broadly spoken language in the world.

The scope of learning French is wide. Upon learning the language one is likely to get great job opportunities in a number of multinational companies. There are a lot of French companies that want to hire professionals who are fluent in the language. If one is fluent a person can not only apply for a job in a good multinational company but also can apply as teacher/trainer in any good educational institution.

WiseOgma offers the best French language training in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. This training isn’t restricted to just professionals. People from different age groups who have an inclination towards learning the language can enrol for this course. If one wants to learn the basics of language can enrol in our crash course wherein we cover important topics from the first two levels namely A1 and A2 in just 45 days.

Our trainers are Certified French trainers with experience of more than 10 years with the language. The training is offered starting from the beginner level (A1 and A2) up to the Intermediate Level (C2). The training module and the curriculum is designed in a way that the candidate is prepared for DELF too.

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