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French class

French Language

French – Course Structure

Levels Duration Description Areas Covered
Level 1 - Beginner Level
(A1 and A2 = 100 hours)
A1-50 hours
A2-50 hours
This level as the name suggests focuses on the fundamentals of
the language. Once level A1 is completed the students will be
able to use everyday words, will be able to introduce themselves
and others. They will be able to make small converstaions. After
the completion of Level A2 the students will be able to discuss
about professional, personal and family information. They will
be able to understand and speak german about things related to
day to day activities
Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening
Level 2 - Intermediate Level
(B1,B1.2 and B2 = 150 hours)
B1 - 50 hours
B2.1-50 hours
B2.2 - 50 hours
After completion of B1, students will be able to express their
views and opinions on different subjects.
Level B2.1 and B2.2 are considered as the major levels as this
offers students to understand the intricacies of the language and
lets them deal with complex sentences too.
This level concentrates upon the fluency and the ability to make
sooth conversations.
Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening
Level 3 - Advanced Level
(C1 and C2 = 100 hours)
C1 - 50 hours
C2 -50 hours
This level is the higher level of the language. Literature
is coverd in this level. They not only again the effectiveness
and flexibility to strike conversations but also write
in the language.
Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

Students will be provided with the study material. They will have to appear for final exam after completion of each level.


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